Why Work With Us?

  • 01 Green Companies has over 12 years in the Irrigation and Turf Care Industry
  • 02 Green Companies staff cares about our customers property as much as they do.
  • 03 Green Companies is licensed and certified for all your turf care and irrigation needs.

Our Team

Jesse Viall

Jesse started in the irrigation business in 1999 out of highschool.  He worked as a sales consultant for a previous company before setting sights on his own endeavor in 1999.  He married his wife Shari in 2007 and they have a son, Austin, who was born in July 2008.  They are now expecting another child here in July.  Jesse has always a maintained an attitude of working with our customers to meet their needs.

Brandon Anderson

Brandon has been working for Green Companies, LLC since 2005 as the main point person for the company.  He handles all the service calls for the company whether it is on the turfcare, irrigation, and roll off side of the company.  He is also certified to test and inspect RPZ backflow devices.  Brandon currently has two children, daughter Mikah and son Lakin.  He and his girlfriend Tessa live in Hastings.

Company History

Green Companies LLC is owned and operated by Hastings resident Jesse Viall.
Jesse started this company under its former name of “Custom Underground Sprinklers” back in 1999. Out of high school, Jesse decided to work for a local company as a sales rep for them. After one season this company went out of business and Jesse continued to take care of the existing customers that the company left behind. Going through the growing pains that one does as a beginning business owner, Jesse dedicated his time to making sure that his customers were happy. Starting out with one truck and renting a trailer and trencher, Jesse kept installalling sprinkler systems for the residential market.

In 2004, Jesse decided he would try to expand his company by joining forces with another entity, but after one summer Jesse found that profits were better as a sole owner and then moved on to his own operation once again. At this time the company was named “Minnesota Green Irrigation”. In 2005, Jesse decided he was to make one final move in his business campaign and rename his company to “Green Companies, LLC”. We(Green Companies) have dedicated ourselves in serving both residential and commerical markets. We feel we have the best staff possible to serve our customers. Our staff is honest and knowledgable in what we are providing. We will never lie or give a “sales pitch” to earn someones business. We will always be upfront and tell the customer how it should be and what the cost is.

Thank you for visiting Green Companies, LLC
Jesse J. Viall